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Cotton Hug is a brand for healthy, safe, and high-quality products for sleeping. We produce only what we can offer our absolute best to!

Each product is manufactured sustainably and ethically, using materials and components of the highest quality, certified for harmlessness and safety. We use cotton and wool from proven sources and suppliers who select their raw materials based on specific criteria for sustainable and clean production, aligning with our understandings of quality standards.


The Cotton Hug baby nest baby nests are 100% favorite products among thousands of babies and their parents due to their proven benefits! Its exceptional design contributes to the baby’s peaceful sleep. Safety, coziness, premium quality! The Cotton Hug nest becomes the baby’s personal place, where they feel the best, comfortable, and happily snuggled. What makes it unique – read here.

The Cotton Hug blanket are true gems, 100% natural, organic, gentle, and durable, just the way a baby blankets should be! They will remain one of the items you won’t “pass on” because they are created just for you, carrying the emotion from some of your happiest moments – the sweetest years of your kid from 0 to 3. Why babies adore snuggling with Cotton Hug blankets, read here.


Cotton Hug’s 100% wool products are essential for your child’s healthy sleep. They’re designed to create a clean, hypoallergenic sleeping environment, free from dust mites and mold, inspired by our personal need to create such healthy sleeping environment for our children. Made with top-quality 100% natural materials, our products bring you the best of nature’s gifts! Discover the endless benefits of wool for your children here.

The muslin used in Cotton Hug’s bedding, swaddles, and bed bumpers is a fabric that deserves attention. Woven to our specific specifications in one of the world’s best fabric factories, an amazing Cotton Hug fabric. Soft, multi-layered, with a denser weave than standard muslin, breathable, absorbent, in very soft colors. Check out our muslin products here.

We guarantee you safety, uncompromising quality and efficiency! 

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