Baby pillow 100% wool “Baby”



The woolen pillow “Baby” is a 100% natural product, with 100% wool filling, ideal for the baby’s healthy sleep from birth until around 2.5-3 years old. Crafted from special ball shaped wool 100% natural, it provides the healthiest sleeping environment – antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti dust mites, breathable, moisture-resistant, thermoregulating and eco-friendly. Its width (60cm) ensures it covers the entire space of the baby’s crib without posing a risk of overturning and covering during sleep. It is enough thin, creating additional comfort for your baby without adding height or tension to their neck. The shape and special seam in the middle makes it easier for the parent to gently adapt the wool accordingly to the baby’s head shape and needs.

Key Features:

  • Filling:
      • 100% wool.
      • Oeko-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
      • Specially processed into small balls for enhanced durability, elasticity, and sleep comfort.
      • 100% natural – no additives, adhesives, synthetics, or supplementary agents etc.
      • Hypoallergenic – as dust mites are the main cause for allergies and asthma suffering, sleeping with with wool products, which are naturally resistant to dust mites, reduces significantly the allergies and problem of breathing.
      • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-dust mite.
      • Breathable – due to the unique structure of its fibres, wool is exceptionally breathable, providing amazing comfort.
      • Moisture regulative – regulates body moisture.
      • Thermoregulating.
      • Eco-friendly.
  • Cover:
      • 100% cotton PERCALE 210 threads.
      • Oeko-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
      • DownProof coating – prevents fiber leakage, crucial for baby and toddler pillows.
      • Hypoallergenic and safe.
  • Details:
      • Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm.
      • Designed to meet the specific needs of the little ones in the crucial period from 0 to 2.5 years (very thin, doesn’t create any tension for the baby’s neck, just provides a healthy sleep environment and comfort).
      • 100% natural, 100% wool.
      • Creates a healthy, safe, cozy, and calm sleeping environment, improving significantly sleep quality.
      • Multiple types of uses.
      • Comes in a cotton bag (100% cotton).
      • Ideal size for the Cotton Hug pillowcase or any standard 40/60cm or larger pillowcase.

Various Applications:

  • Baby Pillow: Creates a comfortable and safe sleep environment.
  • Topponcino: Suitable for the first months after birth. Use it as a small mattress to help transition a baby from womb into the world.  It becomes the baby’s first environment, one that can move with the baby from place to place.
  • Base for Cotton Hug Baby Nest:: Provides a snug sleep in the nest, especially the first few weeks after being born.
  • Additional layer on the mattress in a baby stroller: Enhances comfort and supports sleep during walks. Additionally it provides all the healthy wool benefits to the baby.
  • Extra layer over any pillow (for older children or adults): Improves sleep, regardless of the pillow used, providing all the healthy wool benefits.

This product combines multiple functional applications, offering a range of benefits for both children and their parents. Choose the 100% wool pillow “Baby” and enhance the sleep quality for you and your child, creating a highly healthy and ecological sleep environment.

The benefits of wool for children are endless, and it unfolds them every day, every night for your child – resistant to bacteria, allergens, and dust mites; soft, environmentally clean, elastic, breathable, and hypoallergenic material. It doesn’t retain odors, doesn’t develop dust mites, or mold. Wool is an exceptionally suitable material for bedding products, especially for children, because they often sweat during sleep, which can disrupt sleep tranquility and health. The wool regulates the moisture, which is is easily absorbed by the wool and quickly released into the air before bacteria have a chance to develop. On top of that it reduces significantly the sweating itself. Its thermoregulating properties make it perfect for every season. It maintains optimal body temperature – warm in winter and cool in summer. Occasional airing or exposure to sunlight is sufficient to refresh it.


Do not wash. For wool pillow maintenance, washing is not recommended due to wool’s self-cleaning property. It doesn’t retain odors, develop dust mites, or mold. Occasional airing or exposure to sunlight is sufficient to refresh it. If the cotton fabric (pillowcase) gets stained in a specific area, you can dampen it locally, clean it, and dry it (e.g., with a hairdryer), then redistribute the wool evenly.