• Do not leave the baby unattended. The Cotton Hug Baby Nest must always be used in a supervised and safe environment for kids.
  • When sleeping between you or next to you, always make sure that there is enough space between the adult and the baby in the Cotton Hug Baby Nest. Place the nest near the top frame of the bed, at a safe distance from you.
  • The baby must always be placed with their head at the upper end of the Cotton Hug Baby Nest, not where it open
  • Do not leave your baby by the edge of the bed in the Cotton Hug Baby Nest. You never know when your baby will become more mobile or when their curious and loving siblings might want to kiss and cuddle them.
  • When sleeping with your baby, do not leave blankets or other fabrics near or on the Cotton Hug baby nest. Your baby may pull on or cover themselves with any of these objects, which is not safe.
  • Blankets should always be secured, do not cover the baby’s face.
  • Always place the baby on their back in the Cotton Hug Hug when sleeping.
  • When During tummy and play time, the baby should be monitored constantly.
  • If the baby falls asleep on their tummy, turn them on their back.
  • Never carry the Cotton Hug baby nest while the baby is lying in it. Cotton Hug Baby Nest comes with a travelling bag which makes it easy and convenient to transport.
  • Blankets should always be secured, do not cover the baby’s face.
  • Кееp away from fire.

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