"Baby’s Favorite Place to Sleep, Play and Explore"

The mothers recommend Cotton Hug baby nests because they truly become the baby’s favourite place to be after Mummy’s hug. Proven in time with thousands of happy babies!

What makes the Cotton Hug baby nest exceptional for the baby and the family? Why is it different, what are its benefits, and how does it simplify your daily life? Why do we have 100% positive feedback?

The idea for the Cotton Hug baby nest did not come from a desire for business, but from the need to have an effective, useful, and safe baby nest for my baby. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed, but there was no product on the market that satisfied both my and my baby’s needs. A product that is effective, safe, properly constructed, and of high quality. Thus, the idea of Cotton Hug nests was born. The result exceeded expectations – a nest that has proven over time to be an exceptional useful and effective product!

Who, if not a mother, knows exactly what’s needed – both for her own and for her baby’s needs? In order to ensure the safety and positive impact on the baby’s sleep and comfort, we collaborated with pediatricians, consultants, and experts in mattresses throughout the development of our design. With a lot of testing and meticulous attention to every detail, the Cotton Hug nest was created, which we proudly claim to be the baby’s favourite spot!

Explore below all the details:

 Premium selected materials and elements

Crafted in Europe with great attention to detail, our products prioritize the safety and comfort of your baby. Every material and element used is certified, ensuring safety and reliability, with a proven origin. Our commitment to quality means our products are both durable and gentle, providing a soothing experience for your little one.

The outer cover is made of 100% cotton with Oeko-TEX® Standard 100, ensuring quality and safety. Fabric with a high density of 240g. It combines softness with the fabric’s durability. The cover is removable and easy to wash, making it convenient for parents.

YKK zippers provide durability, security, and easy removal of the cover.

The filling is harmless, breathable, and hypoallergenic, in accordance with BDS EN 29073-1:1997 norms and Oeko-TEX® Standard 100 certificate for quality and safety. With additional inner cotton covers.

Our patterns are designed in-house and printed with certified water-based inks, ensuring they are safe for children. The safety of the baby is our top priority!

baby nest

Perfect construction and design

Both safe and efficient! Specially crafted to meet the needs of babies during their first year. And yes – babies adore the Cotton Hug baby nest!

The mattress features an ideal density and thickness, ensuring ergonomic comfort for the baby, no matter how much time they spend in the nest (during the first few months, babies sleep for many hours a day, making it crucial for them to rest on a high-quality mattress). The thickness and density of the mattress guarantee the baby’s comfort and safety. You can place the nest anywhere close to you, wherever it’s convenient, on a stable and horizontal surface.

The special construction and design of the baby nest ensures that the pillow, which surrounds the Cotton Hug baby nest, cannot cover the baby or allow it to slip underneath. It is tightly stretched, with the correct height and softness. 

The pillow not only protects the baby (for example, when sleeping next to you) but also provides the snugness and comfort that babies are used to from the warm and tight confines of the mother’s womb.

As your baby grows, they will begin to play in the Cotton Hug baby nest. Place the baby (when age permits) with the surrounding pillow/rounded side under their chest and armpits, with hands in front of them (only under adult supervision). This position allows play. You can add toys, a mirror in front of the baby, picture books and cards, etc. Your baby will stretch, hold their head up (motor development), and learn many new things.

Every Cotton Hug baby nest, no matter the cover design/colour, has exactly the same construction and filling. In other words, when you choose your nest, you’re selecting the cover design (color), but the filling of each nest is identical!

Long-life product

The Cotton Hug baby nest is smartly designed to “grow and change” with your baby. With its fully-opening bottom section, it offers extended usability. This offers significant convenience for you, as your baby will continue to enjoy the comfort, coziness, and snugness of the nest throughout their first year of life (parental feedback suggests that many children use it for at least a year).

Easy daily routine everywhere

Following your baby’s routine becomes much easier with the Cotton Hug baby nest. Lightweight and portable, it accompanies you effortlessly on travels. This ensures your baby always feels “at home,” minimizing the need for adjustment to new sleeping environments. Babies feel more secure and calm when sticking to their routine and familiar things.

For parents, the Cotton Hug baby nest is a great convenience – it travels with you effortlessly, ensuring your baby remains calm and satisfied. Say goodbye to concerns about the quality of beds and mattresses provided wherever you go.

It arrives in a practical storage and carrying bag, simplifying its transportation wherever you go – whether it’s for travel, visits with friends, to the office, to the airport, to the beach, in the caravan, in the tent, in the yard, or at the doctor’s office etc. You name it, it’s there for you.

Our advice, from a mother to another

Fully utilize the benefits of the Cotton Hug nest for as long as your baby finds comfort and security in it. It’s safe, with a mattress specifically designed to meet the needs of your child during the first year of their life. The nest doesn’t become too small for your baby after a few months; it’s just that visually, your baby starts to occupy more space within it. The design and construction of the nest accommodate this growth. Your baby doesn’t feel confined; rather, they crave that cozy snugness! Babies sleep more peacefully in the nest, fall asleep more easily, wake up less frequently, and self-soothe more effortlessly! This is a fact proven by thousands of babies! Don’t think you’re spoiling your baby if you let them continue to sleep in the nest after the sixth month. Let them feel comfortable and sleep peacefully; there’s nothing better than that. Eventually, as they grow older, they will naturally change their habits. The important thing is for them to know that you are there, providing love and support. Many children use the nests until they are a year old, or even a year and a half. If you have any questions, we’re always available to assist you.

Cotton Hug from the first day!

The baby nest will be with you every day and everywhere, but what truly makes it magical is the feeling you experience each time you see your baby sleeping peacefully and comfortably in it.

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